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2000-08-03hugh jackman again.

I'm relieved about my internship. Dr Barthlow said I have plenty of time. Now I just have to get together a resume and I will eventually decide where to intern.

I got the issues of Rolling Stone and People that Hugh Jackman is in. He is evil bad wrongness. That's the term Julie and I use when we talk about this sort of thing. In actuality he is damn cool. Don't be mislead by the term "evil bad wrongness." Perhaps you yourself can find a situation in which to use it.

I get paid tomorrow. That will be a relief. I wish I would get my freaking scholarship check already. Then I can get some new glasses.

"Daria" last night was very well written. They're going to have a "movie" on later this month, taking up the Jane-Daria-Tom situation.

Jasmine's diary today kills me. Speaking of diaries that kill me, here is one. This person is so introspective and writes so thoroughly and well that it literally gives me a headache. It makes me think that I shouldn't be a writer; that I should read the works of others. That's not a put-down to myself; it may be a good sign.

Sorry this is boring, but then, nothing really is happening. Maybe when stuff happens, this will get exciting, but maybe then I won't have time to write about it.

I am almost done reading Harriet The Spy yet again.

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